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Adult diapers are an excellent choice to prevent fluid leakage due to incontinence. But in the event of an accident at home, using the disposable underpads can help you protect your furniture. Care-De offers a variety of Disposable Underpads For Incontinence in different sizes and absorbencies to protect your bed, chair, and sofa surfaces from urine.

From your bed to your favorite deck chair, with Care-De's wide range of incontinence products, you can easily find the right Disposable Underpads For Adults. If you are the distributors or retailers and you want to order our products, please contact us now. Email: sales@czcarede.com

The Disposable Bed Pads used on the bed contains unique superabsorbent fibers to protect the bed and bedding in the event of a leak. The soft cloth-like surface keeps the patient comfortable all night, even in the event of an accident. For patients with sensitive skin, disposable bed sheets with extra protection help reduce the risk of skin cracking and irritation.

For chairs or wheelchairs, smaller incontinence underpad is a good choice. Not only do they protect furniture and keep patients dry, but these Single-use Bed Pads also promote skin health, ensuring that patients are comfortable and free of irritation.

Disposable underpads (we also called incontinence pads) are used to protect linen and beds from wetting, wound flushing and enema. You know bed pads are also known to enable patients to release air without wearing anything else. The incontinence pad is skin friendly. For those who cannot control their bladder and suffer from incontinence, the incontinence pad can also be worn on briefs or underwear. We offer a variety of Incontinence Pads For Hospitals, as well as medical underpads from various brands and manufacturers.

There are many styles of Disposable Pads available, for example, the serenity pad itself has 4 different styles. There are large of disposable bed pads for your choice. Care-De underpads provide extra protection. The Care-De pad is an incontinence bed pad that can be put on the mattress. These disposable incontinence underpads are made of high-absorbency material to help prevent leaks. You can use these single-use underpads for nursing homes. Like any other incontinence bed pad, these pads with SAP also provide uninterrupted sleep and ensure that there are no issues with the daily life of the user.

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