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If your dog is used to doing his business outside and prefers to relax on the grass, choose the best puppy pads that mimics the grass. Expect to pay $30 or less for a pack of 100-count puppy pads. The more cushions in the package, the more expensive they will be. Washable pads are usually the most expensive and will cost more than $30, but these are a one-time purchase.

Here are some tips to help you teach your dog how to use puppy pads.

  • 1. Place the puppy pee pads in the same position. Don't move it from one room to another. Your dog should be easy to find. Your puppy will eventually know that the pad is a place to do business.
  • 2. Move it closer to the door. If you use a Puppy Pad For Home Training, slowly move it closer to the door throughout the training. Eventually, you can put it outdoors.
  • 3. Place it in an easily accessible area. In a tight corner next to the sofa, it may look better, but it may not be easy to get your pet, especially if your dog is sick or has mobility problems.
  • 4. Frequent exposure is the key. If you train a puppy at home, you need to take her to the training pad for a whole day to get her used to the area and prevent accidents.
  • 5. Use easy-to-understand commands. When training a puppy to use the Potty Pads, use the same command every time. Patience is essential. Don't yell at your puppy, don't be angry, when things don't go well, you will go as well as you hoped. It takes time.
  • 6. Provide incentives. There is treatment at hand for your dog once he successfully uses the pad.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Dog Training Pads

In addition to our selection, we chose a few runners-up. The Premium Dog Training Pads include fast-drying black carbon to neutralize the smell. We like black to help hide the chaos, not to look dirty, even if it is dirty.

The Best Puppy Pads from the reputable American Kennell Club (AKC) are also good choices. They have a variety of scents to choose from, and are equipped with a gel inside to make them wet. The "Affordable Training Pads for Pets" is carbon activated and has a five-layer design thick enough to absorb large amounts of liquid.

They also have the built-in attractants that can guide dogs to the right place to relieve themselves. Finally, the Pet Training Pads are washable and reusable. The non-woven fabric is super absorbent and the pad is like a floor mat, so your home will still look neat and tidy while your house breaks your new puppy. There is also a sticky back to prevent slippage.

Is the puppy pad for dogs to urinate and defecate?

The puppy pads are designed to absorb and protect your floor from pet urine, but dogs can also use other training pads. In addition to urine, cushions can sometimes neutralize the smell of stool. Throw it away and replace the puppy pee pad once it has been defecate. Although pads can absorb multiple rounds of urine, they are not meant to process more than one stool.

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